Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Triad ... of DEATH!

Yup, the Triad of ...... wait for it .... DEATH! is here. Formerly known as The Circle, formerly known as the Wong Circle. We needed a new image because the old one was too ...... controversial .... okay, everyone kept saying there's only 3 of you, how can it be a circle. Even after I explained it in a previous blog, they still didn't "get it".

Well "get this", the Triad of ..... wait for it ....DEATH! is here - and with a new logo! Oooooooooo

I notice that there are three points on the outside representing you three, I assume. And then there is a skull in the middle. Does that represent the poor sap that got trapped in the middle of a conversation between you three and died of boredom?
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