Sunday, January 28, 2007

Freedom of Speech

I am all for it. I think most of us would like to say whats on our minds. I do that without thinking sometimes .... actually more frequently than I thought ....

Well, the only time I'm against the freedom of speech is ... WHEN IT INCONVENIENCES ME!

We tried to go to J-town this past Saturday and it was gridlocked around that area. While we were waiting for the traffic to start moving we noticed marchers one block south of us. They were carrying flags and signs and chanting something. Kinda like the KKK, but without the Halloween costume. Later, we found out that it was a war protest by Mexican groups. I think because one of them went AWOL.

Look, I'm against this stupid war also. I was for it in the beginning, because I really thought it was about the oil. If we made Iraq ours then the gas prices would be pennies! Imagine that! Imagine how much money I would've saved! How much PS3 games I could've bought! ........ oh, I forgot. Since the launch of the PS3 they have ... oh .... 5 F'N GAMES IN ALL! ..... but I digress.

But the war wasn't about that. It became about some BS righteous plan to give democracy to the Iraqi people. Fine, if they want it. Seems like a small group doesn't want that and unfortunately they're the ones making the loudest noise - by blowing up their own citizens.

Instead of making bombs they should focus that talent to making .... crafts or something like that. They could make a killing on QVC, instead of their own people! 'Cmon, who doesn't like a decorative lamp shade ....

Well, whatever. The war is what it is. No real solution and no real end ... kinda like all the problems we have locally ..... oh plus more protesting.

I should protest the protest! The more they inconvenience me, the more I'm unsympathetic to their cause. I should carry signs that say:

¡Sí se puede! SOMEWHERE ELSE!
SHAKIRA IS MUY CALIENTE! (Not really a protest sign but more of a statement - a very true statement!)

Nah, making signs is too much work.

If we're to sit in our cars and witness this spectacle, they should at least make it entertaining. Have a float made or pull some huge ass balloon around. Have war protest clowns throw candy or something or t-shirts.

I know its a serious event, but my time is serious also. And guess which one is more important to me!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Linda! Linda! Linda! I can't get this song out of my head!!!!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Movie Review

..........from just the trailer I've seen.

The movie starts off nice and happy with a wedding. The bride is a Latina hottie and the groom is a much older white guy. Just a few years ago a marriage like that would be frowned upon. The age difference was at least 20 years. I applaud that move by the film creators, but not the guy she's marrying. I felt it should be a Hawaiian guy, who's working in animation ...... but that is me, I mean, just me.

In the wedding audience is the bride's gay brother and the grooms deformed friend. He must've had some really bad liver disease because he was all orange which everyone knows, is worse than turning yellow. He also had bad skin. Very flaky and dry. This guy just can't get a break with the liver disease and bad skin. But he seemed happy that his buddy was 'tying the knot', finally. It was a good mixture of undesirables.

Then everything goes crazy! Just like life itself! One minute you're happy, then a guy on a silver surfboard comes whizzing by! Or when Lauren orders something without cheese on the menu! or when New Frontiers finally gets on schedule! I mean crazy stuff like that!

Anyway, the board he was riding looked like a grandpa longboard, probably a 9-0 or maybe 10-0, no fins, straight rails. This guy could maneuver his stick without fins - which is crazy! Only a Hawaiian could do that. This silver guy must've been Hawaiian, what else could he be?.

Anyway, when he saw this, the gay guy became flamin'... no literally he was flamin' ..... I mean, yes he was, but also in the sense that he was covered in flames. So he chased after the silver Hawaiian guy. Probably to harass him like all haoles do. Little did he know that the silver guy could go through stuff. Thats an ancient Hawaiian technique.

In the end the Hawaiian guy had enough of the flamin' guy and he got him in a chokehold, took him up into the atmosphere and killed him. Not much of a fight, but thats what happens when you mess with a Hawaiian.

He eventually went back to earth and married that Latina hottie. After seeing him ride his board like that, she forgot about the older white guy and decided to marry the Silver Hawaiian Surfer.

They eventually started a surf shop and named it ..... yeah, you guessed it .. Quicksilver.

The End.

It was a surprisingly short movie. But, I'm glad the Hawaiian guy came out on top.

I give it 4 stars just because they had a Hawaiian in the movie.


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