Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Okay, yes, three people would make it a triangle, I admit that. But I was thinking more of a ....a ... a round table sort of atmosphere here. Like the one they had in those King Ralph stories .....

Its like a circle of friends or the circle of honor or a circle of ..... mushrooms ..... never mind the mushroom part, but you get where I'm going! So its more like a state of mind than its literal sense when I call it THE CIRCLE. C'mon people! You need to start thinking outside the box!!

Hey, we would've had a fourth member, but Wendy said she'd only join if we made her the leader and that we'd have to have badges or something like that. First of all, that just seemed like too much work with the badges and what-not and besides, no chick is going to lead THE CIRCLE! Although, Glenn does come close to being one ....

But, we are not opposed to having women join the circle ... actually, we encourage that! We already have enough guys!

Nancy was part of THE CIRCLE at one point. But she handed us a resignation letter half an hour later. She said it would've been sooner but she had to do stuff for Alan first. Although, I don't think that you're allowed to sign as the witness and the person resigning on the same resignation letter....

And Vera just laughed at us ........ a lot ..... and it wasn't that "ha ha you guys are funny" sort of laugh, it was more like "you guys are such losers" type of laugh.
She's just being mean 'cause she's old ..... and wrinkly! Ha!

In conclusion, IT IS A CIRCLE!

BTW .... since when does Sam ever have "a point"? Thats just crazy talk!

ramblings fun huh?
Sorry Ron, I was using my twisty words again.
And THIS is why I refused to be in your dumb circle (didn't resign because I NEVER JOINED!) - because you and Art are morons. (By the way, you really should take down that picture of your mother in the righthand corner of the page.)
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