Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 15 (Tuesday)

Stayed in London today.

Went to the London Dungeon today. All crap.

It was too dark in there. You really couldn't see the displays plus they rush you through it anyway. There's this little boat ride you take. It takes you into a dark room and all you hear is a narration then they take your picture that blinds you for a bit. Then the ride is over. Canterbury Tales was soooo much better ...

Went to St.Pauls. Crap also.

It used to be free to enter, now they charge 10 pounds (20 U.S. dollars).

Went to go eat dinner at Pizza Hut. We should've know this was going to be bad. The place was packed and all we saw was one poor girl waiting on everyone. But we decided to stay because .... FREE REFILLS ON DRINKS! (they don't have free refills here). Waited until our legs were rested then got up and left. The guy at the front asked us if something was wrong and I told him no, but that he should really get an f'n clue.

So we ended up at McDonalds. Where we won these Coke drinking glasses! McDonalds, I'm lovin' it ...

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