Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 14 ( Monday)

Went back to York today.

Walked along the Norman wall that surrounds the central area of York. No guard railing what-so-ever that would protect you from a high drop. Saw a guy in a wheelchair along the wall also. Thought "HOW THE F DID HE GET A WHEELCHAIR ON THE WALL??!!"

Saw the York Museum this time. It looked like a Parliament building, but went in anyway. I think that rule only applies to Ireland (see previous post)

The lawn in front of the museum entrance was full of geese lounging around. I got to the entrance and noticed my camera's batteries running low. While changing the batteries I didn't realize I kept the automatic sliding doors from closing. I also didn't realize I let two geese enter the entrance/ gift shop area. The poor ladies working there freaked out a bit, the kids were laughing and all excited and I pretended I was browsing for postcards .......

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