Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 12 (Sunday)

Visited Canterbury today.

I wanted to visit the chocolate factory first. My wife said, thats Cadbury not Canterbury. I was bummed the whole day.

Again another town where the biggest structure was their Cathedral. After a while all their Cathedrals look the same. Again I got lost down in their crypt area. Again nothing unusual showed up in my photos. And again I was reminded no photography was allowed anywhere in the cathedral. So I was 3 for 3 - again.

Went to the Canterbury Tales visitor attraction. It had cutting edge animatronics .... if you were living the the late 50s early 60s! At one point noise from the slide projector drowned out the narration. Other parts had cardboard cut outs pop up and tell you a story. In one area there was just static and the best was when this statue of a chicken fell out of the tree and fell into the "pond". But since the "pond" was just the floor painted blue, the chicken's head broke off - AWESOME!

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