Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 12 (Saturday)

Went to York today.

I've been to the "New" one so I figure I'll go see the "old" one.

I thought Dublin was planned poorly, but York makes Dublin less confusing.

Saw York Minster. I like these towns where the largest structure is usually their place of worship. The largest structure in my home town is the clock tower in the shopping center. Not the same.

This place is huge. I got lost in the crypt area. Don't ask me how. But I decided to take photos down there hoping "something" would show up in the pictures. Nothing showed up and I was reminded by security that photography was not allowed anywhere in the minstrel.

Went to Clifford's tower. Here's what its famous for: the early Christians would take all the Jews into this tower and then kill them all. And now its a tourist attraction ....

We took a short cut through this field. Wondered why no one was doing the same. Found out that the field was covered in doggie poo everywhere! No one curbs their dog here!

Got to the tower and you had to walk up this massive flight of steps to get to the entrance. Back then they made steps steeper than they are today. So I got to the top and found out it cost 5 pounds or 10 U.S. dollars! Thought "F THIS!" and walked my ass down that long flight of steps again ... couldn't they have posted the price at the bottom!?

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