Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 9 (Wednesday)

Flew from Dublin to London.

Cab driver told me whiskey was nicknamed "Mad Man Soup" in Ireland.

Also found out they might strike because of new rules concerning fares and airport fees that doesn't include a pay raise. He seemed upset about it. My take is that it'll mean cheaper fares for the passengers. I didn't want to tell him that because he looked like one of those skinheads (a huge skinhead) packed with tattoos and more importantly he looked like he could kick my ass. On the positive side I may have found the perfect guy for Wendy.

Arrived in Heathrow. I swear we must've walked a couple of miles to get to the luggage claim area. Actually they refer to it as reclaim.

Found the Chinatown area in Central London. Felt like home there ....

Went to see Les Misrables. People dress up for shows here. So I had to also. I figure what better time to show off my new Hawaiian shirt!

Although its funny how the title of the show describes my feelings while watching the darn thing.......

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