Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 8 (Tuesday)

Walked into the Irish Parliament building. Thought it was a museum. That was until armed guards ushered me out. They shouldn't make the Parliament building look so much like a museum - all old and "museum" like.

Went to the archaeology and history museum. Thought it was the natural history museum. Learned a lot of old stuff can last a long time if you put it under glass. Oh and with a thermometer in it.

Found the natural history museum. Walked around the entire block to find it. Not much of a museum. Lots of stuffed birds and fish. Only went in because it was free and it didn't look like the Parliament building.

Went to the post office. It didn't look like the Parliament building either. They don't sell boxes or packages or stationary - just stamps. But man were they fast!

Went to Temple Bar again. It didn't look like the Parliament building also. Ate a Boxty - some bland pancake made of potato. Not bad if you smother it with a lot of sauce. And some more sauce. Also had a pint of Murphy's stout - damn good stuff.

In conclusion don't walk into any building that looks like a Parliament building.

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