Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 7 (Monday)

No one in Ireland accepts travelers cheques. Its a conspiracy by the credit card company. You either have to carry a lot of cash around or use a credit card where you'll be charged a conversion fee. Bastards!

Went to the Jameson Distillery. Learned Irish whiskey was the best only because our guide kept mentioning it at every stop. All 8 stops!

Participated in a taste test at the end of the tour. Accidentally drank the 3 samples completely when we were supposed to just take a sip. Everyone laughed. Even the Germans. Eventually got refilled and picked the Irish whiskey over the American and Scottish brands. Got a diploma for it. Only in Ireland.

Noticed there's no Pepsi commercials - just Coke.

Viewed the Book of Kells. An ancient text scribed by monks. Made me glad we have Kinkos ..... and bond paper .....

Watched a football match at the pub. Couldn't tell who was playing because the players jerseys were dominated by the name of their sponsors instead of the team name. Anyway SIEMENS beat TOYOTA 3-0.

Noticed two distinct types of tourists to Dublin: Hippie Euro Trash Students and Fat Retired Americans. Ones disgusting and the other's demanding. You figure out which is which.

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