Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day 10 ( Thursday)

Went to Stratford Upon Avon. Hometown of that Shakespeare guy.

Came up with this joke, "What do you call annoying women from Stratford? - Avon Ladies!"

My wife gave me that "we just got here and already you're annoying me" look. But I think deep down inside she thought it was hilarious.

Overheard some teenagers questioning each other about Shakespeare's plays. They could name the popular ones but not the lesser known ones. I told them some of the lesser known ones were Oedipus, Death of a Salesman and Rent. They started slowly moving away from me. Thats probably because they couldn't handle my intellectual genius ........ those Germans .....

Rented a canoe to travel on the river Avon. Had to wait for one. They only had row boats but I don't do row boats. I kick ass in a canoe. Slap an outrigger on it and I'm unstoppable!

If you travel by rail, travel first class. Time just flies by when you're comfortable. I like helping out the guy who checks your ticket by pointing out people who may not belong in first class. Usually its those Euro-trash teenagers. They're easy to spot because they have those huge backpacks. We can't have those riff-raffs mingling with the upper class elites such as myself and my wife .... although from her previous reactions to my comments maybe she should be placed in standard class like the rest of them ......

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