Sunday, August 13, 2006

Big Mahalos!

I've worked with talented people before and on The Batman production it was no different. Except, that I actually liked the people I worked with. Thats why I want to give a big mahalo to these people who've made my time spent on The Batman production one that I enjoyed tremendously and will always remember.

Probably one of the most talented and versatile artist I've come across. I learned a lot from you, I'll tell you what that is once I figure out what that is also. You are the "Scottie Pippen" of our crew. As Scottie made Jordan great, you made the rest of us great in our own way. Yup, I finally saw true genius, but that's probably because I was looking at myself in the mirror!

You and I both know, you're the real reason Jeff is so good. The real talent behind the success of The Batman. Believe me, I see through the fog that is the hierarchy of The Batman crew ...... I have no idea what I mean by that ....

You've got to be the funniest foo on the crew. Too bad your golf game is not as good as your drawing skills or your sense of humour or your typing speed or ...

My Hawaii brother .... what a disappointment you've been. You have no local accent and you don't speak pidgin - whats up with that! For those of you who don't know, John attended the most expensive and richest high school in Hawaii, Punahou. Where their motto was "You may hate us now, but you'll work for us later!". How's that! Nah, jus kidding cuz! You got too much talent for me to diss you li' dat. And no way you going meet my niece!

You're way too talented .... I hate you. BTW, is there anything you don't know about Apple products?

My favorite Little Chinese Girl. How can something so small eat so much and not get fat. Thats just not right. I know you eat so much just to get taller, but I have bad news for you: IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY! Oh, and thank you for pointing out how big and freakish my feet are every other day. Hey, you know what they say about guys with big feet, huh ........ that's right! They wear big shoes! .....

Does anything ever bother you? You get bitten by a spider, the bite gets infected, you get the wrong medication, you could've died and you act like that was "all in a days work". You've got to tell me what you smoke in that room! You, Becky and John get high in there don't you!

You're the first guy I know who can be on the elliptical machine and not just talk on your cell phone, but talk for over an hour on it! Chicks don't even do that! You must be proud. Actually its rare that I see you not talking on your phone. I guess you have to use up all those "anytime" minutes.

One day I'm gonna find out what's under that hat of yours. I'm really hoping to find that you're really a cyborg!

I have a new appreciation to what you directors do. No wonder the clips I've seen so far looks really good. I now realize what my calling in this industry is, and it is not to become an animation director! Thank you.

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy .... I personally want to thank you for all the good times I've had at your expense. No one could ask for better source material! You're one of the main reasons I've started this blog. And yes, I do know you're better than Brandon, you don't have to tell me again and again and again. (BTW I lost your contact info so give me a call and leave a message - thanks!)

Lastly, she's not an artist but she was a big part in making my time very enjoyable - let your imaginations run wild everyone!

Wendy, oh Wendy,
........... I only have two words to say to you .... NICE RACK!



i'm taking lessons. =)
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