Friday, July 21, 2006


I went to Paris some years ago while in college with a bunch of college friends. By the way, thats the best way to travel around Europe, with your buddies. I don't remember much of the historic sites we visited, but I do remember all the fun crap we did. Like the time we were chased by French police ..... well, that's another story.

Anyway, we met these American girls who absolutely loved the "French" scene. I had no idea what that meant. So they invited us to find out. As a guy in my 20s at that time I'm expecting, well .. you know - sex .... or at least some female nudity. Anyway, it seems the "French scene" to her was hanging out at a cafe and watching the world go by. If you haven't been to Paris all the chairs in the outdoor eating areas are faced towards the street.

No nudity, no sex .... just watching cars go by honking at each other.

So that's the French scene. Watching things go by. I guess thats what they did in WWII when the Nazis marched into Paris freely........... ouch.

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