Saturday, July 15, 2006


I'm not a fan of the World Cup or the sport of soccer because, well, I'm an American. I've heard soccer is the worlds most popular sport. Not in my world. Thats because my world has stars and stripes in it! I could go into all the nuances that make American sports better than foreign sports but I'm too lazy to do any of the research (hey, another red, white and blue trait)to identify these nuances. Also, in doing research I might contradict myself and I can't have that happen. The universe might implode.

My main argument is that God gave us hands and feet, and in a sport where only the feet are allowed during play is ... well .... a step back in evolution. Several steps actually. Millions of years of natural selection and evolution rendered uselss in one sport. Its almost like female boxing.......

Well, I'm going to use our opposable thumb, matter of fact, I'm going to use our opposable middle finger to!

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